Trying To Save Money On Your Electric Bill What To Know In Massachusetts

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Average electricity bills have been high lately, thanks to fuel issues that drove up supply costs. Some utilities — including National Grid, in Massachusetts — are proposing electric supply rate cuts come summer. But supply is not the only thing you pay for. Sometimes delivery costs are the biggest part of the electric bill. So where does that money go? And how can you save on electricity without getting scammed or sacrificing reliable service?

Kana Ruhalter explains where you have options, as well as some major pitfalls that could result in even more money out of your pocket. It turns out just looking for the cheapest electric supplier is not always your best bet, unless you know what else to look out for.

You can compare electric supply rates between alternative suppliers in Massachusetts at — but be sure to watch the video to know what to avoid.
You can also get a free home energy assessment at

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00:00 The problem
00:18 Electricity supply vs delivery
00:50 Delivery costs
1:24 Supply cost saving options
1:44 What to watch out for
2:20 Another potential savings option


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