Pocket Option Trading Journal Day 211 092

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Hi, this is my trading journal using pocket option as a platform for binary option trading.

I used pocket option as the pay out is relatively high — as high as 92%, and their customer service is very responsive, I normally getting a response within 5 mins.

My setting on pocket option is using:

Chart types:

Moving average, SMA, 50 — indicate trend of prices
MACD 12 26 9 — sometimes good indication to trade when the two lines crossed

Time: 15 sec

Amount: 1% of capital. — $1 when capital below $100

Starting capital from day 14: $100.02
Capital from today: $154.87
Total gain from today: -$85.65

Result of day 211 trading
Capital: $156.30
Gaining of +$1.43
Total gain: -$84.22
% gain of the day: +0.92%
% gain from new start: -35.02%

If you interested in trading using pocket option, you can find it from here:

After blowing my account a few times, I have decided to learn how trading works on youtube. After watching quite a few videos, I think I’m ready to start again with what I have left: $40.52.

I decided to record my trading as a trading journal, and put up some music and comments along the way to make it more fun to watch. The main purpose is to let me come back and learn from my mistakes, or even successes.

I have made a target of 1% gain a day, trading with 1% of capital — hence 100% gain of the trading amount. It seems small, but with the beauty of compound gain, after year 1, I could get $1530.99, year 2 at $56,845.86 and year 3 at $2,185,615!

It is entirely possible and I just need to learn and stick to my target everyday. It is so easy to be greedy and don’t know where to stop and the next thing I realise is I have no money left…. Learned that in a hard way.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my videos, and wish me luck!


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