Pocket Option Candle Pattern And Reversal Strategy Binary Options Shorts

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Pocket Option Candle Pattern And Reversal Strategy| Binary Options #shorts

My Coaching Class Details:-

My Coaching Fee is 150$ In which I will teach only you means I will take your one on one class

There will be 10 Classes in my coaching but duration is 1 month means I will take your 10 classes in one month

I will take your first 6 classes straight in which I will teach you CandleStick Psychology and Price Action from basic to advance

Classes length will be per day 1 hour

After 6 Classes the another 4 classes will be 1 class per week means I will take next 4 classes in 4 weeks

After 6 Classes in next 4 classes you have to trade in front of me yes you had read correctly I will see your live trading whatever I had teached you I will see that

Live trading class is exclusive only in my coaching no one is seeing Students Trading Everyone will just teach you for 1 week and leave you

My Telegram Channel Link For Seeing My Student Results:-

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