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In this video, Vishesh, a medical insurance expert, advises purchasing medical insurance over non-medical insurance to cover hospitalization expenses. The maximum amount an insurance company can pay during a specific year is known as the sum insured. If expenses exceed this amount, they must be paid out of pocket. Vishesh also provides instructions on claiming reimbursement and outlines each insurance policy’s terms and conditions. Cash payments or medical loans can be used as alternatives to medical insurance, and HexaHealth offers a zero-cost EMI option with no interest or hidden fees.

He then describes cashless hospitalization, which occurs when the hospital is affiliated with the insurance company and the insurer pays the hospital directly. Policies usually feature co-payment, requiring policyholders to pay a predetermined amount when making a claim, as agreed upon when purchasing the policy. The general procedure is that the patient pays during discharge and makes a claim, which is then reimbursed by the insurance company in 30-45 days.

HexaHealth streamlines the reimbursement insurance financing process, allowing NBFC banks partnered with HexaHealth to fund treatment costs upon discharge and cover hospitalization expenses. HexaHealth then facilitates the claim process with the insurance company, making it simple and hassle-free. Additionally, HexaHealth offers guidance to patients in selecting the appropriate insurance policy and understanding the details of their plan in a comprehensive manner. Choosing the right doctor, hospital, and treatment is made easier with HexaHealth’s services, at no extra cost.

HexaHealth has helped over 10,000+ patients find the right surgeon from the top hospitals for their needs. We also provide each patient with a dedicated care coordinator to help them every step of the way.

Is it better to have medical or non-medical insurance? 0:11
How much can I claim with medical insurance? 0:30
How do I file for medical insurance? 1:02
How soon can I get covered under my medical insurance plan? 2:04
Are there any diseases or conditions that are not covered under medical insurance? 2:37
How to go about this without medical insurance? 3:13
What is zero-cost EMI? 3:38
Are there any hidden costs with zero-cost EMI? 4:06
What is cashless hospitalization? 4:30
Who is responsible for the co-payment cost? 5:21
What if my company reimburses me later? 6:00
What is reimbursement insurance financing? 7:23
Can Hexahealth assist me with my treatment in my empaneled hospital? 8:26
Example of reimbursement insurance financing 9:15
Why should I avail HexaHealth’s services despite having a medical insurance? 11:02
Are there any charges for HexaHealth’s services? 11:38
What difference does HexaHealth make in my surgical finance journey? 11:51

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Disclaimer: Treatment time, recovery time, and results are influenced by the severity and pre-existing conditions of the patient. It is recommended that patients consult their physicians before any surgery. Insurance claims are subject to the policy terms.

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