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Want to earn 4% Cash Back on Your Rent? Can you Pay Your Rent with a Credit Card in Canada? What Credit Card Should You Use to Maximize your Cash Back?

Well thanks to Chexy, you can now pay your rent with a credit card! For many Canadians rent is our biggest expense so earning up to 4% cash back on that monthly rent is HUGE! Not only do you save extra money but you will boost your credit score along the way! You don’t get any of these benefits with cash or cheque! This is an absolutely game changer and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you! 😁

Earn Cash Back on Your RENT! 🏠

👆 Use Chexy to pay your rent with a credit card and earn up to 4% cash back! 👆

SCOTIA Momentum Visa Infinite 🥇

👆 Use my referral link to get 10% bonus cash back for the first 3 months 👆
Also, the annual fee will be waived for the first year!
This is the BEST card to pay your rent and earn 4% cash back!

TANGERINE Mastercard 🥈
These cards have no annual fees and will earn you 2% cash back on rent!
Use my referral links to get 10% bonus cash (up to $100)

This one is easier to get (lower income and credit score requirement) 👇

This one has the same 2% cash back but comes with more insurance and benefits 👇

AMEX SimplyCash Preferred 🥉
Also gets you 2% cash back but comes with a $10 monthly fee 👇

👆Use my referral link to get up to $400 as a signup bonus 👆


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Credit Karma (TransUnion):

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